Well integrity is a critical factor in oilfield operations. As technology and innovation help extend the life of fields, we are here to make sure your assets continue to deliver safely and productively.

Well-Centric is proud of its fast response times and innovative approach. We provide a complete and proactive solution to ensure well and wellhead integrity and have an extensive track record in supporting clients with their integrity management programmes.

We offer a wide range of onshore and offshore services and specialise in wellhead inspection, maintenance, refurbishment and repair alongside the provision of more specialised engineering solutions. In particular our xmas tree upgrade service is a key area of growth offering our clients significant advantages. Using our own best in class QV components and actuators we can upgrade your xmas tree so it is independently certified to a higher operational specification quickly and cost-effectively.

We also provide storage and inventory services and client training in wellhead familiarisation, well integrity and stinging competency.

Field Services

Employing a team of experienced engineers, Well-Centric is able to deliver a range of well and wellhead maintenance, integrity and engineering services direct to the well site anywhere in the world.

Our regular maintenance programmes are enhanced by additional expertise in specialist well integrity services which often benefit from the use of our own proprietary technology developed for specific applications.

Examples include annulus lubrication refills, sealant injection, annulus leak detection, mechanical sealing, wellhead and conductor support and stabilisation and other complementary specialist services.

Our unique Surface Intervention System has multiple capabilities in one single system. It provides gate valve milling, shallow plug setting, tree and hanger inspection and tree removal carried out by our Field Services team.

Please visit our Technology page for further details.

In-House Services

Well-Centric have extensive experience working with all manufacturers’ equipment. Through such exposure we have developed our own range of best in class spare parts. Our QV range is independently tested, verified and certified and offers significant time and cost savings to our clients.

For those repairs which cannot be completed on site, equipment can be sent to our workshop for redress and recertification and returned to site quickly as part of an accelerated service.

Our fully equipped workshop allows us to provide the following as a minimum:

  • Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of wellheads, xmas trees and associated components
  • Maintenance, repair and refurbishment of well service and well intervention related equipment and associated components
  • Assembly, function testing and pressure testing of new wellheads and xmas trees
  • Wellhead and xmas tree stack-up testing and functioning
  • Disassembly, cleaning, inspection, measurement, servicing, reassembly and testing of equipment from the field
  • Valve and actuator repair
  • Gate and seat re-facing
  • Stem and actuator re-surfacing
  • Re-cladding of hard metal facing
  • Repair and refurbishment of wireline pressure control equipment
  • Maintenance and repair of high pressure pumps
  • Maintenance and repair of well control units/well services panels
  • Light sand blasting and painting
  • Degreasing and pressure washing
  • Certification and QA/QC inspection

Under our maintenance contracts we are proactive in maintaining, repairing and refurbishing client assets and delivering a comprehensive asset management service encompassing monitoring, storage and inventory. Our large warehouse facilities employ experienced personnel, established systems and effective technology and software to ensure we are in control of the inventory and materials trusted upon us by our clients.

Client Training

Well-Centric provide wellhead awareness training to our staff and clients. Options include a high level Well Integrity course (in collaboration with our training partners), a Wellhead Familiarisation course and Stinging training/competency.


The courses cover topics such as:

  • Wellheads and their uses
  • Xmas Tree types
  • Valve and actuator types, their features and repair
  • Maintenance and testing of valves
  • Valve stinging, its dangers and how it’s done
  • Sealant and grease types
  • Greasing valves – correct procedures and practices
  • Pressure locked valves
  • VR lubricators
  • Connection types
  • Completion components
  • Well construction
  • Well hazards

Courses are a mix of classroom theory and practical workshop learning. The training provides staff and clients with an insight into the importance of wellhead integrity and regular wellhead maintenance in order to operate a safe and functioning wellhead and maximise production uptime.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001